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Download the PDF Form or fill in the form fields below:
Beginning Experience¬ģ Weekend
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    * 1st come 1st serve basis
For how long have you
been married?
For how long have you been divorced/separated/widowed?   Years
Was this your first marriage?  
(If NO, please give details of the length of any other marriages and how they ended)  
Do you have children?  
(If YES, how many, and what ages?)   (Number)
Are you currently involved in a steady relationship?  
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Are you currently on
prescribed medication?

(If YES, please provide details of medical condition)  
Are you currently involved in
any kind of professional counselling or therapy?
(If YES, please provide details of professional counselling/therapy involved in)  
Do you have any physical/medical conditions, special dietary requirements or other special needs that we, as organisers of a live-in Weekend, should be aware of
(eg. do you need medication at set times?, Vision/Hearing Impairments. etc)
How did you hear about the Beginning Experience?  
Others (please specify)  
Please comment on why you are interested in taking part in a Beginning Experience Weekend:  

The Beginning Experience Weekend is a 2-night stay-in weekend which involves communal living. To fully benefit from the Weekend, you are required to actively participate in the Weekend.


I, the undersigned, hereby agree to attend the BEGINNING EXPERIENCE WEEKEND, a 2-night stay-in weekend organised by Beginning Experience (BE) Singapore. I shall abide by the House Rules during the Weekend, and agree to stay on the premises where the Weekend is conducted at all times.

I hereby affirm that I have full consent of the person(s) listed as my emergency contact person to be contacted in case of an emergency.

I shall not hold BE, its leaders or volunteers responsible or in any way liable for any death, injury, disability, loss or damage, arising in connection with the Weekend and my participation therein.

In Case of Emergency:    
Next-of-kin Name  
Next-of-kin Contact nos.  
Relationship to the next-of-kin