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  The following testimonials are written by previous participants of the Beginning Experience Singapore:

On this day, I have embroidered my life with the 52nd (retreat) weekend activities held here.
Upon arrival, I had a cauldron of speculations and anticipations. But on my second day,
today my anxiety gave way to an environment developed with warmth and love.

Then I realise ……
There is always hope,
Even at my darkest hour,
If only I remember, to turn on the lights.

So I gave myself a chance, and the fruitful decisions transcended everything, as I began
to experience. Notably, there will be ups and downs in my life. But once its touches
bottom, it can also rise.

Dedicated to my brother Johnstone Lim and Mary de Cruz for bringing me here.

With love,
Irene Lim


A few years ago, I picked up a brochure on Beginning Experience (BE). I was keen to find out more; I read about it, surfed the net to get more information, but put it aside as I felt I wasn't ready. However, recently, I was again brought to attention about the BE Weekend, when I came across the information in a bulletin of more than one parish – it felt like a 'Divine Invitation' – I yearned to attend the weekend. I plucked up my courage and called a BE representative to enquire further, they told me that it was fully booked and I may need to wait for the next Weekend which was six months away, but would still like to meet with me, the following day for a brief meeting. After the meeting, they said that they were able to slot me in for the Weekend which was only a few days away and asked if I would still be able to attend - I decided I would go as there was actually no excuse for me not to; my children were much older now and I sought help from my brother and his wife to help 'keep-a-look-out' for the kids and they were more than willing to help out.

I attended the Beginning Experience Weekend for widowed, separated and divorced. During the weekend, I felt a sense of relief as I finally found people who have similar experiences as mine and understood my grief and pain of loss and I could relate to other participants who faced similar challenges. It was a place where like-minded (or like-hearted if you wish) people come together to experience God's healing love and grace.

I felt God's assuring love for me and how much He wants me to be healed of my pain and hurting memories.

My husband died in an accident close to six years now and I still grieve his loss. I guess, one cannot be completely healed and the memories of your loved one continues to flash across your mind during different periods of our lives, especially during special occasions i.e. anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, etc..

But by His grace, I have come to terms with what has happened, put the past behind by drawing courage, strength, peace and love from my Creator and other participants. I found new strength and joy and am able to start a next chapter in my life.

We were so blessed to have Monsignor Eugene Vaz to be with us throughout the weekend, praying for us and with us – sharing in our pain and tears. He is the Spiritual Director of BE. He also administered the Sacrament of Reconciliation together with two other priests.

I left the weekend with a wonderful feeling of love, joy, I am learning to rediscover myself and move on in life. I was able to laugh again and made many new wonderful and caring friends with whom I can continue to journey with in this process of healing.

Friends, if you are widowed, separated or divorced, (or know someone along this line), I would like to encourage you to attend the BE weekend, if you think you are alone in your struggle, if you feel no one understands you, here is where you will find people who share similar experiences and people who give each other courage, hope and love to move on in life. I often thought I had gotten over my grief, but healing is an on-going process and we are continuously being healed and here is one special place you can come to find help, love and joy again.

The weekend is opened to all - regardless of age, nationality, race or religion. If you are keen to find out more information, please contact BE Experience at or visit for more information.


Letticia D'Cruz